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Dr. Kathleen Muglia Quoted in Woman’s Day Article

March 31, 2016 // Oak Point University

DNP Program Director and Professor Dr. Kathleen Muglia, was quoted in a Woman’s Day article about therapy dogs and the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. Therapy dogs from across the country went to Newtown, Connecticut to help children heal and cope with the traumatic event they experienced. In the article Dr. Muglia explains that in order to become certified, dogs must first learn basic obedience skills and then how to acclimate to a variety of stressful situations in order to help humans suffering from a variety of issues.

Dr. Muglia has a certified therapy dog named Scotty, who is a seven year-old Golden Retriever. Together the two of them visit patients in hospitals to provide stress-relief and joy to those who are sick. They’ve also established a relationship with Oak Point and make frequent trips to visit with the students, especially on finals days when students are experiencing higher levels of stress.

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