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Male Undergraduate Student Population Reaches 35%

March 4, 2012 // Oak Point University

The national average for men in undergraduate nursing programs is 8%.  Yet, Oak Point University’s spring 2012 BSN class has a male population of 35%.  In fact, Oak Point University’s male student population for the BSN program has seen steady growth over the past several years.


“Since 2010 the number of male students has been around 15%,” said Scott Dunnell, Executive Director of Marketing and Admissions.  “But seeing a jump to 35% is pretty impressive.”

And while the economy and a lackluster job market have played a part in more men considering nursing as a career, these statistics may be an indicator that the numbers of males choosing nursing as a career path is steadily increasing.

“We attend many college and career fairs throughout the academic year to promote Oak Point University,” said John Pechacek, the Senior Admissions Counselor in charge of the BSN program.  “And more and more men are showing interest in attending nursing school.  We’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of applications and admits for qualified male students.”

Men are also taking a more active role with Oak Point University’s student organizations.  In fact, both the Student Government Organization (SGO) and Student Nurses Association (SNA) have a blend of male and female officers.  “It’s nice to see the male students actively participating in these organizations,” said Carmelita Gee, Director of Student Services.  “It helps to have both genders involved when it comes to representing the student body.”

What does the future look like for men in Oak Point University’s BSN program?  “Going from 15% to 35% is a quite a substantial increase,” said Dunnell, who believes the number of male students will continue to trend upwards.  “We may not get 35% next fall, but the overall average will continue to rise over time.”

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