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Oak Point Welcomes New HIIM Co-Director

August 20, 2012 // Oak Point University

Theresa L. Jones, MSEd, RHIA, joins Oak Point University as the new HIIM co-director and faculty member.  Ms. Jones comes to Oak Point University with over 25 years of experience in the health informatics and information field.  She is both a seasoned educator and consultant with a zeal for watching her students thrive.  As an advocate of technology with an interest in health and law, Ms. Jones found health informatics to be a natural fit.

Since graduating with her Bachelor’s of Science and earning her RHIA, Ms. Jones has been a director, Professional Dynamic Network (PDN) consultant, and educator.    As a consultant she reviews health records to assure they are accurate, timely, complete, and accessible, as well as lawful and in compliance with accreditation bodies.  She has worked as a PDN consultant with the Joliet Correction Facility, for the Department of Child and Family Services, and several other organizations.

Throughout her career she found herself drawn to education, and earned her Master’s of Science in Education and Curriculum and Instructions with a concentration in Adult Education.  Ms. Jones has been a faculty member at Sanford-Brown College and Chicago State University.  During her years as an educator she has found that, “Teaching is an art and a science; it is one thing to know something and another to be able to teach it to someone.”

In addition to a successful career in health informatics and education, Ms. Jones is continually involved in volunteering, and always encourages her students to get involved.  She believes it is an opportunity to give back to the community while also networking to help them reach their future goals.  In the Chicago area she has been involved in the Chicago Area Health Information Management Association (CAHIMA) since 2007, and was the president of CAHIMA from 2010 to 2011.  At the state level, Ms. Jones has been involved in the Illinois Health Information Management Association (ILHIMA) since 2010, and is currently the president-elect.

Both Ms. Jones and the University have a student-centered philosophy which makes her role a perfect fit, and adds to her excitement as co-director of the HIIM program.

“I am student centered,” says Ms. Jones.  “My energy comes from seeing students progress and succeed.”

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