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Oak Point University Launches Two New Programs

February 9, 2015 // Oak Point University

Oak Point University is pleased to officially anounce the launch of two new

The Saint Francis School of Radiography (SFSOR) has joined Oak Point University’s
College of Allied Health.  Radiographers are healthcare professionals who apply
ionizing radiation to demonstrate portions of the human body on a radiograph, fluoroscopic
screen, or other imaging screen in order to assist physicians in diagnosis of disease
and injury.  Previously a two-year certificate program, the SFSOR will now offer
a bachelor’s degree in Imaging Technology (BSIT) through Oak Point.  The SFSOR,
which has been in existence for 70 years, has a stellar reputation in the field of
radiography and is known for its 98.8% Credentialing Examination Pass Rate, and its
98.8% Job Placement Rate. The SFSOR will continue to be housed at Presence Saint Francis
Hospital in Evanston. The program director for the School of Radiography is Mary Ellen
Newton, MS, RT (R) (M).

Oak Point University’s College of Nursing has added the Doctor
of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, a unique graduate level program that focuses on
urban health, and is specifically for the working Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
(APRN): CRNA (anesthetist), CNM (certified nurse midwife), NP (nurse practitioner)
and CNS (clinical nurse specialist.) Upon completion of the program, candidates will
be able to demonstrate critical thinking at the highest level of practice and accountability
in the management of healthcare considering ethical, legal, cultural, and social patient-centered
care.  DNPs will integrate clinical expertise with political skills, systems
thinking and business insight to transform the evolving healthcare system at local,
regional, national, and international levels.  The DNP student will identify
their specific practice area of interest, and will be paired with one of the expert
faculty that share their interest/expertise.  This one on one attention will
enable the DNP student to successfully complete the doctorate project, but more importantly,
will launch the DNP into a career in which they can improve healthcare outcomes on
a much larger scale.

Both new programs will begin admitting students for the Fall 2015 semester. For
more information on the Saint Francis School of Radiography program, please visit For more information
on the new Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, please visit

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