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vSim Pilot Project

June 15, 2017 // Oak Point University

The University recently implemented the vSim pilot project, an online simulation program for Obstetrics (OB) classes to compliment the hands-on portion of clinical, thanks to a generous donation from the Fogelson Family Foundation. vSim provides a unique learning opportunity for nursing students to interact with a patient in a safe, realistic environment that is available anytime, anywhere. vSim is based on the theory of deliberate practice, engaging students with the opportunity to repeat an activity continually to achieve mastery.

Since its implementation, 36 students were able to use vSim to supplement their OB clinical this past term. The team of experts who helped roll out this pilot project included the OB faculty at Oak Point, with Catherine Williams as the lead, along with support from Anne Costello, Director, IPE Simulation Center.

Praise for the program has come from both student and faculty, “I have been so pleased with the opportunity that vSim offers our students. I have received very positive feedback from my clinical group. It’s wonderful to be able to offer them something that simulates an actual clinical scenario. This allows them to use their decision-making and critical thinking skills. So much better than researching and writing an alternative assignment,” Julie Duff, MS, APRN, WHNP-BC, CNE, Assistant Professor said.  

The tremendous success of the vSim pilot program has resulted in the future recommendation of vSim to supplement clinical learning in Pediatrics.

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