Bachelor Completion in Imaging Technology (Radiography)

Rad Tech: We See a Bachelor’s Degree in Your Future

Our Bachelor of Science Completion Program in Imaging Technology (Radiography) builds on the knowledge base of ARRT-certified radiologic technologists from associate degree and certificate programs. The program focuses on current quality standards, leadership, and other areas modern healthcare.

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Flexibility for today’s students; complete the weekly assignments on your schedule.

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Experienced Professors

Leaders and technologists who possess a vast array of knowledge and experiences in the field.

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Relevant, Actionable Topics

Our courses emphasize current healthcare environment topics taught through an integrated educational model.

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Focus on Leadership Readiness

A diverse foundation prepares students for the responsibility of leading and managing others in the field.

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Completing Your BS at Oak Point

Program Outcomes

This program is designed for radiography technologists who desire a Bachelor of Science in Imaging Technology. Students pursuing the post-certification option must complete the imaging technology support and general education requirements before or simultaneously with courses in this program. The courses are designed to emphasize current healthcare leadership measures while being delivered through an integrated educational model. Classes comprise a program with a diverse foundation to prepare students to be knowledgeable to those they lead and report to.

Upon completion of this program of study, graduates will be able to:

  • Articulate effective modes of communication (both verbal and nonverbal approaches)
  • Engage in collaborative practices with patients, families, communities, and other healthcare providers to improve healthcare delivery methods
  • Analyze radiant energy and its impact on environmental concerns with a comparison to medical radiation and other forms of energy
  • Integrate attributes and qualities of leadership to enhance their professional roles in a dynamic and challenging healthcare landscape
  • Initiate process improvement plans using innovative approaches


Our program meets the demands of the changing healthcare landscape and prepares our graduates to become future healthcare leaders.

Twenty-three credit hours total must be completed for residency requirements.

Bachelor of science in imaging technology (radiography) completion program alum and faulty member Anna Garcia

19 Credit Hours  //  15-Week Duration Per Course

Core Courses
  • IMT 304  //  Strategic Communication  //  4 Credit Hours
  • IMT 307  //  Global Impact of Radiant Energy and the Environment  //  5 Credit Hours
  • IMT 420  //  Teamwork Collaboration in Healthcare  //  4 Credit Hours
  • IMT 430  //  Strategic Leadership (Capstone Project)  //  6 Credit Hours

Note: Core Courses must be taken one per semester and in sequence.

4 Credit Hours  //  7.5-Week Course Duration

Elective Courses

Electives developed for bachelor’s completion curriculum developed through an imaging-focused lens and can include:

  • IMT 301  //  Health Care Systems  //  4 Credit Hours
  • IMT 302  //  Health Care Delivery  //  4 Credit Hours
  • IMT 418  //   Budget and Financial Stability of Healthcare Organizations   //  4 Credit Hours

It's Time to Supercharge Your Career

Completing your BS is a strategic move that can significantly impact your career trajectory. With enhanced career opportunities, valuable networking, and a stepping stone to advanced degrees, there’s no better time to take charge of your professional growth.

Enhances Career Opportunities

Earning your BS opens doors to a myriad of career opportunities. Your BS can pave the way for positions in healthcare administration, sales, education, and research, broadening your professional horizons.

Improved Understanding + Competency

Completing your BS equips you to navigate the complexities of the healthcare area more professionally and competently. This increased competency makes you more valuable to employers and enhances your ability to provide optimal patient care.

Networking + Collaboration

Earning a BS exposes you to a diverse network of faculty, fellow students, and industry professionals, helping you build meaningful connections that can boost your career.

Pathway to Further Education

Completing your BS can serve as a stepping stone to more advanced degrees, such as a master’s or even a doctorate. These higher-level degrees can further enhance your career, leading to healthcare administration, research, or academia roles.

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Medical and Health Services Managers

Expected increased demand from 2020 to 2030 1



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1 Medical and Health Services Managers : Occupational Outlook Handbook : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2022, October 25). Retrieved at
2 Based on transcript review

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Visualize Your Next Role

Our BS Completion Program prepares rad techs from associate and certificate programs to lead and manage others with the following modules:

  • Strategic Communications
  • The Global Impact of Radiant Energy
  • Teamwork and Collaboration in Healthcare
  • Strategic Leadership Capstone Project

From This Point Forward, You Own Your Future