Bachelor of Science in Imaging Technology (Radiography)

See Yourself as a Rad Tech

A bachelor’s degree in radiography from Oak Point’s Saint Francis School of Radiography (SFSOR) provides a competitive advantage in an ever-changing healthcare environment, higher professionalism, and more significant job opportunities. Our Radiography Program prepares students to pursue a successful career in the rapidly growing field of medical imaging.

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Oak Point has the only JRCERT-accredited bachelor’s program in the Chicagoland area.

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State-of-the-Art Facility

Our Oak Brook Campus is home to our Rad Tech program. The state-of-the-art Simulation Center features two imaging suites and a surgical suite.

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Start Your Career with a BS

Fast-track your success versus associate degree and certificate programs.

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You’ll be a recognized pro in no time—take the National Certification Examination as soon as you finish your degree requirements.

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Broad Clinical Experiences

Offered in range of hospital/clinic settings for you to learn, grow, and chart your career path.

You Belong at Oak Point

Bad to the Bone? Be a Rad Tech!

Radiography Program Director Mary Ellen Newton discusses what it takes to be a rad tech and why they are so important in healthcare.

Getting Your BSIT at Oak Point

Radiologic technology is the art and science of using X-rays to produce images of the human body’s bones, organs, and vessels. At the SFSOR at Oak Point University, students are educated in utilizing X-ray equipment and techniques, proper patient positioning, radiation protection methodologies, and producing quality diagnostic images while practicing excellent patient and family-centered care.

In conjunction with related classroom courses, students apply their knowledge during integrated clinical experiences at local imaging departments.

SFSOR Mission

The Saint Francis School of Radiography at Oak Point is committed to excellence in education. We provide the healthcare community with competent, entry-level professionals in the field of medical imaging. Our graduates acquire the knowledge and clinical experience necessary to qualify for The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) National Certification Examination.

Campus + Class Schedules

Classes for the BSIT program are held exclusively at the Oak Brook Campus with the following schedules:

Semesters One + Two

  • Classes—Monday + Wednesdays
    8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Clinicals—Tuesdays + Thursdays
    8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Semesters Three, Four + Five

  • Clinicals—Mondays, Wednesdays + Fridays
    8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with limited evenings and weekends
  • Classes—Tuesdays + Thursdays
    8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Clinicals are held exclusively at our partner locations with occasional days in our state-of-the-art Oak Brook Campus Simulation Center.

Program Outcomes

In support of the its mission statement, the program has developed the following core competencies:

1. Students will demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills on the clinical floor.
  • Students will demonstrate effective written communication in the classroom setting.
  • Students will be able to verbally evaluate radiographs.
2. Students will develop critical thinking skills for application in the clinical setting.
  • Students will adapt standard protocols for non-routine examinations.
  • Students will critique images for diagnostic quality and devise necessary factors for quality improvement.
3. Students of the program will be clinically competent.
  • Students will demonstrate accuracy in positioning skills.
  • Students will select appropriate technical factors.
  • Students will demonstrate proper radiation protection practices.
4. Students will model professionalism.
  • Students will demonstrate high ethical standards.
  • Students will summarize their professional development career plan.


Our curriculum follows the guidelines specified by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. Patient contact begins with the completion of Introduction to Radiography.

Bachelor of science in imaging technology (radiography) student Beatriz A.

Credits Hours  //  16.5

Semester 1
  • Introduction to Radiography
  • Principles of Radiation Protection
  • Ethical, Legal, and Physical Methods of Patient Care
  • Radiographic Procedures I
  • Anatomy and Physiology—Skeletal
  • Clinical Education I

Credits Hours  //  16.5

Semester 2
  • Principles of Radiographic Exposure I
  • Radiographic Image Processing
  • Cross Sectional Anatomy
  • Radiographic Procedures II
  • Clinical Education II

Credits Hours  //  15

Semester 3
  • Radiographic Procedures III
  • Principles of Radiographic Exposure II
  • Radiographic Physics
  • Radiographic Imaging
  • Clinical Education III

Credits Hours  //  15.5

Semester 4
  • Radiographic Procedures IV
  • Introduction to Quality Assurance
  • Radiation Biology
  • Image Presentation and Evaluation
  • Computer Applications in Radiography
  • Clinical Education IV

Credits Hours  //  7*

Semester 5
  • Radiographic Procedure V
  • Clinical Education V
  • Registry Review

*Please note: Semester 5 courses are charged per credit (7 credits total).

Clinical Partners

  • Aurora Advocate Lutheran General
    Park Ridge
  • Ascension Saint Francis Hospital
  • Ascension Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center Chicago
  • Ascension Resurrection Medical Center
  • Illinois Bone & Joint Institute
    Park Ridge // Glenview // Des Plaines

Learn more about Oak Point’s complete clinical experiences and BSIT-Specific Program Policies


The Bachelor of Science in Imaging Technology program is accredited by the
Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60606-3182

8-Year Maintenance Granted

In September of 2021, JRCERT awarded the program the maximum 8-year maintenance of accreditation previously granted.

Program Effectiveness Data

By the Numbers

Yep. We’re Bad to the Bone!



Annual Completion Rate 1


Exam Pass Rate

2022 5-year credentialing exam pass rate average 1


Job Placement Rate

5-Year Program Average 1

Oak Point University radiography students in the Simulation Center at the Oak Brook Campus

Your Career as a Radiologic Technologist

Or rad tech, as those in the know, say.

In your day-to-day, will take medical images, or radiographs, that practitioners rely on to diagnose and treat their patients. The field and its technologies evolve rapidly, and you will have the opportunity to build your career at the forefront of the latest advances in diagnostic imaging.

In addition to:

  • general radiography,
  • fluoroscopy,
  • surgery, and
  • portable bedside exams,

you’ll gain experience in specialized imaging, including:

  • CAT scan,
  • interventional radiography/cath lab,
  • trauma,
  • mammography,
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging),
  • ultrasound, and
  • nuclear medicine/PET scan.

Bad to the Bone?