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This is your opportunity to earn your doctorate and take your career to the next level. With a focus on Urban Health/Policy, our Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students can focus their projects on vulnerable populations and advocate for policy changes at the state and national levels.

Oak Point University faculty are leading experts in health policy, research, epidemiology, ethics, and more. Our DNP program features personal attention from our professors, who help guide students through their doctoral projects—from generating ideas to publication.

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Why Oak Point Is the Right Choice for Your DNP

Many of our alums have received one, if not multiple degrees, from Oak Point University. Hear Dr. Hussain discuss why it is a privilege to be an advocate for patients and that being a badass in any profession is giving 110% every day.

Sarah Hussain, DNP, APRN-APN, FNP-C
Family Nurse Practitioner

2022 Calling All #BadassNurses Finalist
Oak Point University Alum, MSN-FNP 2014, BSN 2008
(Resurrection University and West Suburban College of Nursing chapters)

The DNP Advantage

The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is a terminal practice degree for graduate students. Through transformational leadership and a focus on Urban Health, nurses build upon advanced clinical skills through coursework and practicum to achieve the highest level of nursing practice and improve healthcare outcomes through practice-based scholarship.

A DNP from Oak Point University prepares nurses for the highest level of clinical practice, leadership, and healthcare system management.

Expanded Career Opportunities

A DNP degree can open doors to various career paths, including nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist, nurse-midwife, and healthcare executive positions. With a DNP, nurses can also pursue roles in academia, research, and healthcare policy.

Enhanced Clinical Skills + Expertise

A DNP program focuses on evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and systems thinking. Nurses with a DNP have the advanced clinical knowledge and skills necessary to provide the highest level of patient care, improving patient outcomes and overall healthcare quality.

Leadership + Advocacy

DNP-prepared nurses are trained to be leaders and advocates within the healthcare system. They can effectively communicate with interdisciplinary teams, influence healthcare policy, and champion patient care and safety improvements. This level of leadership can have a significant impact on the nursing profession and the healthcare system as a whole

Higher Earning Potential

With a DNP, nurses can expect to earn a higher salary than those with a master’s degree or lower. In many cases, advanced practice registered nurses with a DNP can earn six-figure salaries, depending on their roles, experience, and geographic location.

Personal and Professional Growth

Pursuing a DNP can lead to personal and professional growth, as nurses develop a deeper understanding of their field and acquire advanced skills. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, as nurses feel more confident and competent in their roles and can make a greater impact on patient care and the healthcare system.

Our Program

Getting Your DNP at Oak Point

YOU are the Ideal Candidate if:

The DNP degree is for the student who has:

  • a Master of Science in Nursing and
  • an active RN license.

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Program Outcomes

  • Model an ethical framework for healthcare practice.
  • Initiate critical thinking for the highest level of advanced nursing practice and accountability in the management of healthcare.
  • Practice in an inter-professional manner for modeling collaborative healthcare.
  • Lead teams with effective professional behaviors within advanced nursing practice.
  • Interpret the determinants of health and their application to healthcare in urban settings.
  • Integrate clinical expertise for healthcare practice on multiple platforms.
  • Incorporate emerging healthcare technologies and innovation across healthcare settings.
  • Disseminate newly created, quality scholarship to support evidence-based nursing practice.
Family Nurse Practitioner and Doctorate of Nursing Practice alum Sarah Hussain


Course Semester Hours
NRG 7101 // Foundations for Advanced Clinical Scholarship 3
NRG 7103 // Urban Health 3
NRG 7105 // DNP Practicum Independent Study (as needed) 0
NRG 7202 // Informatics 2
NRG 7203 // Epidemiology and Biostatistics 3
NRG 7204 // DNP Project I 0.5
NRG 7205 // DNP Practicum I 0.5
NRG 7302  //  Population Health 2
NRG 7303  // Leadership, Economics, and Finance 3
NRG 7304  //  DNP Project II 1
NRG 7401  //  Nursing Policy, Regulation, and Public Protection 3
NRG 7404  //  DNP Project III 1
NRG 7502  //  Healthcare Innovations 1.5
NRG 7503  //  Ethical Dimensions of the DNP Role 3
NRG 7504  //  DNP Project IV 0.5
NRG 7505  //  DNP Practicum II 1
NRG 7602  //  Professional Communication 2
NRG 7604  //  DNP Project V 0.5
NRG 7605  //  DNP Practicum III 1.5
Total Hours 32

Recent Doctoral Projects

Published by Our Graduates

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A Quantitative Study on Essential Oils Versus Opioids in the Management of Physical Pain Utilizing the Harich Comparative Pain Scale

Christopher Galloway, DNP 2019

Instilling Resiliency to Reduce Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Registered Nurses

James Kerridge, DNP 2020

A Quantitative Study on the Efficacy of a Condensed Introduction to the 12-Step Program in the Prevention of Poly-Drug Addiction in a Primary Care Setting

Katherine Skurski, DNP 2021

Building Resilience and Competence in Adjunct Faculty through

Carolina Peña, DNP 2022

DNP graduate and faculty member LaTisa Foscett-Gonzalez

Career Outlook

Graduates of Our DNP Program Work as:

  • Professors
  • Department Chairs
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Primary Care Leads
  • Independent Practice Owners

From This Point Forward, You Own Your Future