Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Providing Access to Essential Primary Care

Providing long-term, holistic primary care for patients ages 13 and older, as an Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (AGPCNP), you’ll learn to diagnose and treat common ailments of the adolescent, adult, and aging populations.

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As an Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, you can chart your own course for a bright and rewarding future in nursing. All core courses of the AGPCNP program are offered online, with the remainder of the program in a hybrid format, featuring synchronous and asynchronous virtual components and in-person skills intensives throughout the program.

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Getting Your AGPCNP at Oak Point

The ACPCNP MSN option is designed for the student who has:

  • a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and
  • an active RN license.

The curriculum comprised of:

  • 48 credit hours, including
  • 670 clinical hours.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program of study, graduates will:

  • Apply effective modes of communication in the provision of care to patients (adolescent and older) and aggregates.
  • Meet professional writing standards for usage, structure, format, content, stylistic criteria, and audience.
  • Synthesize critical thinking processes used to make logical decisions in advanced nursing practice.
  • Participate in and lead, when appropriate, collaborative teams to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes of patients that are adolescent and older.
  • Demonstrate inclusion of evidence-based and translational science practices in efforts to guide professional activities and improve patient and institutional practices.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior within practice settings and to the public that is consistent with standards, regulatory and ethical codes in the profession and community.
  • Demonstrate leadership roles within the profession and community.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate innovative individual or population-based programs of care/administration/education to achieve quality outcomes for adolescent and older patients.
  • Participate in the development, implementation of, and advocate for policies that improve the profession of nursing and health of the public.
  • Model Interprofessional education through communication, teamwork, values and ethics, and roles and responsibilities.


View the core, clinical core, and specialty courses that will prepare to be a critical care partner for those who need it most and set you up for success in taking your certification exam.

Credit Hours  //  11 — MSN Students Only

Core Courses

NRG 5000 // Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice // 3 Credit Hours

NRG 5002 // Health Care Delivery // 3 Credit Hours

NRG 5005 // Evidence-Based Practice for the Advanced Nursing Role // 3 Credit Hours

NRG 5910 // Leadership Roles in Healthcare Organizations // 2 Credit Hours

Credit Hours  //  11 — MSN Students Only

Clinical Core Courses

NRG 5101 // Advanced Health & Physical Assessment // 3 Credit Hours

NRG 5102 // Advanced Pathophysiology // 3 Credit Hours

NRG 5103 // Advanced Pharmacology // 3 Credit Hours

NRG 5105 // Advanced Health & Physical Assessment Lab with APN Skills // 2 Credit Hours

Credit Hours  //  26 — MSN + Certificate Students

Specialty Courses

NRG 5709  //  APN Management of Adult Health  //  6 Credit Hours

NRG 5709R  //   APN Management of Adult Health Residency (180 hrs.)  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5706  //  APN Management of the Geriatric Population  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5706R  //   APN Management of the Geriatric Population Residency (120 hrs)  //  2 Credit Hours

NRG 5704  //  APN Management of Women’s Health  //   Credit Hours 3

NRG 5704R  //   APN Management of Women’s Health Residency (120 hrs.)  //  2 Credit Hours

NRG 5710  //  APN Role Transition  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5720R  //  Intensive APN Residency (250 hrs.) //    4 Credit Hours

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