Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

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Gain the knowledge and skills to become an advanced practice nurse specializing in working in complex patient situations across the adult lifespan, from young adults to geriatric patients. As an Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP), you’ll provide comprehensive care to acutely and critically ill adults and older adults through the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and management of complex disorders to stabilize the patient’s condition, prevent complications, restore health, and/or provide palliative care.

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*5 skills intensives are required for MSN students only; 3 are required for post-graduate certificate students.

Realizing your dream to become an AGACNP requires a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) to become a nurse practitioner (NP) and certification by one of two nursing organizations. Oak Point University is your answer to getting the qualifications, skills, and confidence you need for success as an AGACNP.

This program prepares advanced practice nurses to participate in the development of appropriate policy and evidence-based practice. The ability to function as an educator, leader, consultant, advocate, and change agent is essential to the development of clinical expertise in this role.

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Hear Dr. Galloway discuss why he got into nursing, how he gives back by educating students, and the benefits of attending Oak Point.

Getting Your AGACNP at Oak Point

Two Pathways for ACAGNP Specialization

Master of Science in Nursing Option

The MSN option is designed for the student who has:

  • a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and
  • an active RN license.

The curriculum comprised of:

  • 48 credit hours, including
  • 540 clinical hours.

Post-Master Certificate Option

The Post-Master Certificate option is designed for the student who has:

  • a Master of Science in Nursing and
  • an active CNP license.

The curriculum comprised of:

  • 26 credit hours, including
  • 540 clinical hours.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program of study, graduates will:

  • Demonstrate advanced level of understanding of nursing and relevant sciences by integrating this knowledge into practice.
  • Collaborate with the patient and other healthcare team members for the purpose of ensuring high-quality acute care services.
  • Demonstrate the role of a nurse practitioner as an educator and coach to individuals, communities, and using a wide range of skills.
  • Ensure commitment to the implementation, preservation, and evolution of the acute care nurse practitioner role.
  • Use communication strategies and patient-care technologies to integrate, coordinate, deliver, and enhance care.
  • Engage in caring and collaborative relationships with patients/clients for shared decision-
  • Demonstrate cultural competence by providing sensitive care in a holistic manner that is responsive to the client’s cultural and spiritual beliefs.


View the core, clinical core, and specialty courses that will prepare to be a critical care partner for those who need it most and set you up for success in taking your certification exam.

11 Credits  //  MSN Students Only

Core Courses

NRG 5000  //  Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5002  //  Health Care Delivery  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5005  //  Evidence-Based Practice for the Advanced Nursing Role  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5910  //  Leadership Roles in Healthcare Organizations  //  2 Credit Hours

11 Credits  //  MSN Students Only

Clinical Core Courses

NRG 5101  //  Advanced Health and Physical Assessment  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5102  //  Advanced Pathophysiology  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5103  //  Advanced Pharmacology  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5105  //  Advanced Health and Physical Assessment Lab with APN Skills  //  2 Credit Hours

26 Credits  //   MSN + Certificate Students

Specialty Courses

NRG 5811  //  Acute Care Adult Gerontology I  //   3 Credit Hours

NRG 5811R  // Acute Care Adult Gerontology Residency I  //  1 Credit Hours

NRG 5804  //  Advanced Acute Care Adult Gerontology II  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5804R  //  Advanced Acute Care Residency II  //  4 Credit Hours

NRG 5806  //  Acute Care Pharmacotherapeutics  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5807  //  Advanced Acute Care Adult Gerontology III  //  3 Credit Hours

NRG 5807R  //  Advanced Acute Care Adult Gerontology Residency  III //  4 Credit Hours

NRG 5813 // Wound Care/Suturing  //  2 Credit Hours

NRG 5815 // Diagnostics and Procedures  // 3 Credit Hours

Ideal Candidates Are:

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Self-Motivated and Flexible

Seeking learning options that offer the convenience of online classes with hands-on, skill-building labs that simulate real-world scenarios.

Savvy Professionals

Looking to differentiate themselves with specialized skills.

Continuous Learners

Taking advantage of professional growth opportunities.

Passionate Healthcare Advocates

Who want to lead, not manage.

Graduate Skill- + Certification-Ready

Clinical Practice and Advanced Procedures Experience

Students will complete a series of clinical practice sessions designed to provide the opportunity for the application of theoretical knowledge while working with a designated, qualified preceptor.

The clinical practice experience occurs in a variety of clinical sites, including:

  • emergency departments,
  • urgent care, and
  • hospital units (intensive and acute care).

as well as specialty practices such as:

  • cardiology,
  • pulmonary,
  • neurology, and
  • oncology, etc.

In addition to the clinical experience, there will be a required in-person skills intensive (NRG5805) designed to give the students experience with advanced procedures, including:

  • central venous line insertion,
  • intubation,
  • suturing,
  • chest tube insertion, and
  • advance imaging and electrocardiogram interpretation.

Certification Exams

Upon completion of the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner MSN and post-graduate certificate programs, individuals will qualify to take:

  • the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner certification exam, or
  • the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses’ Acute Care Nurse Practitioner certification exam.

By the Numbers

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Full-Time Base Salary

2021 Median for NPs 1


Specialize in AGAC

Distribution of Primary Certification Area 1


Years of Age

Average Age of NPs 1

Source  1NP Fact Sheet

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Working as an Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Graduates may expect to practice in:

  • ER/urgent care,
  • hospitals,
  • partial hospital care, and
  • specialized outpatient settings, including both medicine and surgery specialty areas.

Acute care nurse practitioners function within the interprofessional acute care team providing direct care management, including:

  • diagnosis,
  • treatment planning,
  • conducting therapy,
  • prescribing medications, and
  • providing emergency services.

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