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Nursing is more competitive than ever. Advance your skills and power forward your career with an MSN degree or post-graduate certificate from Oak Point University. Take advantage of online courses, faculty mentors, and the flexibility to take as long as you need with no time limit to complete your degree.

As a student of one of our graduate nursing programs, you’ll be prepared for an in-demand career as an advanced generalist or specialist who will care for patients throughout the full spectrum of healthcare delivery settings and across various stages of health and wellness. Develop specialized skills and use the wide range of benefits Oak Point University offers to become a leader in your field and take your career to the next level.

The graduate nursing programs at Oak Point University combine the challenge of strong academics with an experienced faculty whose goal is to bring out your full potential in a nurturing environment.

We offer majors tied to real-world career paths and an educational experience recognized and respected by healthcare leaders.

Since 1914, Oak Point University has prepared students for successful careers as nurses and nursing leaders. When you earn your MSN or post-master certificate at Oak Point University, you join a family as passionate and committed to nursing excellence as you are and continue a proud tradition of nursing education excellence that dates back more than a century.

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MSN Pathways

Oak Point University offers the following pathways within our Master of Science in Nursing Program:

Nurse Educator (NE)

For those looking to educate the next generation of nurses.

Nurse Practitioner (NP) with Generalist and Specialist Concentrations

Our specialist concentrations offer both a complete MSN and the Post-Master Certificate option for those who are already NPs.

Core Program Learning Outcomes

In support of the its mission statement, the program has developed the following core competencies:

Core MSN

Upon completion of this program of study, graduates will:

  • Apply effective modes of communication in the provision of care to patients and aggregates.
  • Meet professional writing standards for usage, structure, format, content, stylistic criteria, and audience.
  • Synthesize critical thinking processes used to make logical decisions in advanced nursing practice.
  • Participate in and lead, when appropriate, collaborative teams to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.
  • Demonstrate inclusion of evidence-based and translational science practices in efforts to guide professional activities and improve patient and institutional practices.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior within practice settings and to the public that is consistent with standards, regulatory and ethical codes in the profession and community.
  • Demonstrate leadership roles within the profession and community.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate innovative individual or population-based programs of care/administration/education to achieve quality outcomes.
  • Participate in the development, implementation of, and advocate for policies that improve the profession of nursing and the health of the public.
  • Model Interprofessional education through communication, teamwork, values and ethics, and roles and responsibilities.
Core Nurse Practitioner*

Upon completion of this program of study, graduates will:

  • Synthesize and apply theories and conceptual models from nursing and other related disciplines to facilitate clinical practice decision-making.
  • Integrate the use of communication skills, information systems, and standardized languages in relation to clinical outcomes and continuous performance measures.
  • Develop collaborative, interdisciplinary relationships that improve the delivery of healthcare to selected populations.
  • Interpret and apply evidenced-based data to assess cohort risk, implement interventional strategies, and evaluate outcomes as part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate innovative individual or population-based programs of care to achieve quality outcomes.
  • Pursue continuous quality improvement through the NP role.
  • Serve as a primary care provider and critical member of an interdisciplinary team managing the health of the selected population.
  • Model Interprofessional education through communication, teamwork, values and ethics, and roles and responsibilities.

*Concentration learning outcomes are available on the individual program webpages.

BSN student and teacher in the Oak Brook Sim Center

Nurse Educator MSN

Combine your clinical acumen and expertise in healthcare to mentor and teach the next generation of nurses. As a Nurse Educator, you’ll work in the classroom and practice setting to prepare nursing curricula, create lesson plans, and instruct, encourage, and inspire future nurses.

Family Practitioner

Our FNP program prepares graduates to work with patients of all ages, often as primary care, throughout their lifetime, promoting healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.

Family nurse practitioner examining a baby
Adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner checking a patient's lymph nodes

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP

Our AGPCNP program prepares graduates to provide long-term, holistic primary care for patients ages 13 and older, diagnosing and treating common ailments of the adolescent, adult, and aging populations

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP

Our AGACNP program prepares graduates to provide comprehensive care to acutely and critically ill adults and older adults through assessing, diagnosing, treating, and managing complex disorders to stabilize the patient’s condition, prevent complications, and restore health.

Adult-gerontology acute care nurse assisting a man with his oxygen
Woman speaking with her psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner

Psychiatric-Mental Health NP

Our PMHNP program prepares graduates for advanced specialty practice with a dual emphasis on intervention through psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, intervening with vulnerable populations and promoting mental health across the lifespan.

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Over the past two years, we’ve seen nurses like you put your career growth aside to focus on serving patients in need, and we can’t thank you enough.

Although your career trajectory may have changed, we know your destination hasn’t. It’s time to get back on track and power forward toward your graduate education. We have refined our program offerings with your well-being in mind—from financial planning to professional guidance.

  • Flat-rate pricing*
    • MSN—$32,000
    • Post-Master Certificate—$15,000
    • DNP—$24,000
  • Faculty Mentors—Individualized academic and career counseling.
  • Clinical Placement Assistance—Leverage your existing network or work with us to find clinical placement
  • 100% Online Coursework—Flexibility for today’s learners’ busy lifestyles


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