BSN – Clinical Placement

Committed to Assisting in Clinical Placement

Oak Point University is committed to providing a diverse hands-on clinical experience that prepares students for their nursing career. Students will apply their theoretical and practical skills in a clinical setting by working alongside nursing professionals.

BSN - Clinical Placement

Clinical practice is the core method of learning in the nursing profession. The clinical experience provides hands-on learning where students will apply their theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, and be confident when working with patients in any healthcare-related setting.

Oak Point University has established strong partnerships with hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, palliative care facilities, public school systems, specialty camps, and professional community healthcare institutions. Each of these clinical partners is committed to supporting the Oak Point University curriculum and provides a rich learning environment for all students.

Nursing students will receive their clinical placement assignment from the Clinical Placement Office prior to the start of each clinical term. Clinical schedules mirror the experience of a registered nurse and are not adjusted to accommodate work or other commitments outside of school.

BSN - Travel & Transportation Requirements

Oak Point University understands the importance of providing an enriching clinical learning experience for all students in a proper healthcare setting. To provide the best educational experience for our students, we will place students within a 50-mile radius from campus.

Students must have a car to ensure timely and reliable transportation to any location where assigned. Students are responsible for any and all costs associated with their clinical experience, including, but not limited to parking and gas.

To provide the best educational experiences for our students, there will be a wide variety of clinical locations which includes hospitals, academic health systems, ambulatory sites, clinics, rehabilitation centers, home/hospice health agencies, geriatric facilities, school districts, and skilled nursing facilities.

BSN - Clinical Compliance


Oak Point University is committed to providing diverse clinical experiences that prepare students for their working careers. The Clinical Placement Office (CPO) works with over 60 different partners to provide optimal learning experiences for Oak Point students. Brightspace, the University Learning Management System, is the system that holds all of your clinical site documents per term.

Compliance Expectations

Students must be compliant with clinical site requirements in order to participate in clinical. Failure to meet health or site requirements may result in loss of clinical placement, will prevent participation in class and clinical, and could potentially result in delaying graduation. Check CastleBranch monthly for health requirements that require renewal. You may find further information on compliance requirements here: BSN Clinical Compliance 

BSN - Role Transition Clinical

Role Transition is designed to assist students with transitioning to the professional nursing role through a preceptor-based clinical experience. The Role Transition clinical was designed to allow students to shadow a Bachelors-prepared RN who serves as their preceptor.

A clinical instructor from Oak Point University oversees the preceptor-student relationships for a group of Role Transition students placed at one of our partnering facilities. Students are required to complete 160 clinical hours. The day and evening/weekend students can be scheduled for any shift, any day of the week, which could be the following shifts:

  • 7:00am- 7:00pm
  • 7:00pm -7:00am
  • 7:00am-3:00pm
  • 3:00pm-11:00pm

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