Oak Point offers one of the most innovative RN to BSN completion programs in Illinois

Are you ready to complete your BSN degree? The RN to BSN program at Oak Point University is a bachelor’s degree program uniquely designed for the associate degree and diploma prepared registered nurse who wants to extend his or her knowledge and skills. Taught by full-time faculty members who mentor you every step of the way, Oak Point’s teaching methods use adult learning principles specifically designed for students who have been away from the classroom for a while.


Oak Point’s RN to BSN program is as unique as you are

  • Our program is streamlined for quick completion – you can complete your degree in only 7 courses (7 week terms)
  • We offer a contemporary, challenging curriculum that builds on your current knowledge base
  • The program is delivered in both hybrid (mixture of in-class and online) and online formats to fit student needs
  • Clinical component integrated into each course
  • Nursing credit will be granted for previous coursework, with the successful completion of your first nursing course at  Oak Point University
  • Flexible program designed to fit into a working nurse’s busy schedule, with Fall, Spring and Summer starts

RN to BSN Sample Program and Course Descriptions

*Note: All 21 hours of nursing credit must be taken at Oak Point University.

NUR 4710 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Health promotion and disease, illness and injury prevention of individuals across the lifespan, families, and communities is the focus of this course. Concepts examined include epidemiology, clinical prevention and mass casualty disasters. Students will address a component of health, health promotion strategies and available resources to foster a healthy lifestyle. Behaviors that contribute to health promotion and prevention of illness and injury will be explored
NUR 4720 Professional Values
This course will focus on analysis and development of professional values and value-base behaviors. Students will analyze dilemmas utilizing a professional ethical framework Students will select a patient care dilemma arising from their scope of practice Students will complete an analysis of the situation which incorporates the use of an ethical framework and the acts to prevent unsafe, illegal, or unethical practices.
NUR 4730 Information Management Systems
This course provides an introduction to healthcare information systems, database management, data quality, and system design. In this course general computer office applications and healthcare specific information technology applications are presented and used. Technology that supports patient care and the benefits of healthcare technology are emphasized in this course. The student’s major product for this course will focus on information systems as related to workload, quality improvement, resource utilization, and data management.
NUR 4740 Evidence-Based Practice
Scholarship incorporates the identification of practice issues; appraisal and integration of evidence, and evaluation of outcomes is the foci of this course. Students will complete the Board Training through the National Institute of Health. Students will integrate reliable evidence within their scope of practice as they examine a current policy or procedure related to their scope of practice.
NUR 4750 Organizational and System Leadership
Organizational and systems leadership, quality improvement, and safety within the patient care setting are the foci of this course. Students will use quality improvement concepts, processes, and outcome measures. The student’s major product for the course will focus on the development of creative strategies to promote a systems change.
NUR 4760 healthcare Policy, Finance and Regulatory Environments
Healthcare policies, including financial and regulatory policies and the impact on nursing practice and the healthcare system are the foci of this course. Students will explore the complex operation of patient care services. Students will analyze the implications of a healthcare issue relevant to their scope of practice.
NUR 4770 RN Capstone Project
As a culminating experience, the student will focus on synthesis and integration of complex concepts of nursing knowledge relevant to their scope of practice and leadership and management skills. Students will develop a synthesis component highlight accomplishments accrued within their baccalaureate education.
Total Hours 21

Note: All 21 hours of nursing credit must be taken at Oak Point University.

Application Deadlines

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