Saint Francis School of Radiography – Post Certification – Bachelor of Science in Imaging Technology (BSIT)

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The BSIT Post-Certification Track

The Post Certification – Bachelor of Science in Imaging Technology is designed to build on the knowledge base of ARRT certified radiologic technologists from associate degree and certificate programs. The program’s focus will emphasize current quality standards and other areas of Modern Healthcare.

Post-Certification Bachelor of Science in Imaging Technology (BSIT) program at Oak Point

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Bachelor of Science in Imaging Technology- Post Certification Degree Outcomes

Upon completion of this program of study, graduates will be able to:

  • Articulate effective modes of communication (both verbal and nonverbal approaches)
  • Engage in collaborative practices with patients, families, communities, and other healthcare providers to improve healthcare delivery methods
  • Analyze nuclear energy and its impact on environmental concerns with a comparison to medical radiation and other forms of energy
  • Integrate attributes and qualities of leadership to enhance their professional roles in a dynamic and challenging healthcare landscape
  • Initiate process improvement plans using innovative approaches

Post Certification BSIT Curriculum:

Many indicators point to the increased need for the Radiologic Technologist to possess a higher level of education in order to remain competitive in an ever-changing healthcare environment. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists now requires further education and competency in all fields of imaging technology. In addition, the demand for healthcare managers is expected to increase according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Our program will meet the demands of the changing healthcare landscape and prepare our graduates to become the healthcare leaders of the future.

21 Credit Hours must be completed for residency requirements

19 Credit Hours must be completed for Core Courses:

*IMT 304 – Strategic Communication: (4 credits)

*IMT 307 – Global Impact of Radiant Energy and the Environment: (5 credits)

*IMT 420 – Teamwork Collaboration in Healthcare: (4 credits)

*IMT 430 – Strategic Leadership (Capstone Project) (6 credits)

  • Core Courses must be taken in sequence
  • You can be enrolled in no more than one core course per semester
  • 15 Week duration for Core courses

The additional Credit Hours must be completed for Elective Courses:

  • 7 week duration for Elective courses
  • Electives developed for post certification curriculum developed through imaging focused lens