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Welcome to Oak Point’s Virtual Open House!

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Our Virtual Open House offers a sneak peek into the life of an Oak Point student from the comfort of your own home or while standing in line at the grocery store.

Certainly, it’s our campuses and facilities, but it’s also the people. We invite you to meet our President, Dr. Therese Scanlan,  and some of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni who will share their insights, joys, and a little bit about a day in their lives.

We hope that if you can make the time, that you will come and visit us—either at an in-person open house or by scheduling an individual campus visit. School is a big decision and we are here to help.

Meet Sabina O. // She Went to Three Open Houses … Today She Is an Alum

Meet Sabina O. // She Went to Three Open Houses ... Today She Is an Alum

Hear Sabina talk about:

  • She learned about Oak Point from friends who attended and came to three Open Houses
  • Her favorite part was attending clinicals and taking care of patients
  • She’s proud to be a nurse from this University

Meet Our President and “Go-To Guy” // Hear About Our Programs and SIM Lab

Dr. Therese A. Scanlan // Making a Difference at Oak Point University

Hear Dr. Scanlan talk about:

  • Her pride in making a difference
  • Oak Point’s two campuses
  • Not having to choose a four-year degree to dip your toe in healthcare
  • The diversity of our faculty and our students
  • The world of opportunities awaiting our students

Eric Fugate, MSHA, RT (R) // The Numerous Opportunities for Radiologic Technologists

Hear Professor Fugate talk about:

  • That Oak Point is the place to prepare Radiologic Technologists for their careers
  • The joy of getting requests for Oak Point graduates
  • The numerous opportunities in the Imaging Sciences

Dr. Connie Zak // Teaching the Dynamic Nature of Healthcare to All Learners

Hear Dr. Zak talk about:

  • Teaching the dynamic nature of healthcare
  • Evaluating how to provide the best education for all learners
  • Learning from high school through your doctorate degree

Meet Caitlyn Schoeny // Teaches Simulation Learning in Oak Point's State-of-the-Art Labs

Hear Specialist Schoeny talk about:

  • Simulation is an active learning strategy where the student gets to “be the nurse in practice”
  • Using critical thinking and clinical reasoning, and learning from your mistakes in a safe setting
  • Her joy is striving for excellence

Phillip Baggett // Oak Point Enrollment Ambassador

Hear Enrollment Ambassador Baggett talk about:

  • That he’s the self-proclaimed “go-to guy” for students from first interest to graduation
  • Students from many different paths find their calling in healthcare
  • You can complete your education here in less than 24 months

A Day in the Life from Current Students and an Alum

Meet Oluwasegun A. // He Likes Challenges and Knows Oak Point Was the Right Choice

Hear Oluwasegun talk about:

  • He likes challenges and went from law to nursing
  • His colleagues and friends recommended Oak Point
  • He appreciates that lab class sizes are small

Meet MaryCarmen R. // She Fell in Love with Oak Point at an Open House

Hear MaryCarmen talk about:

  • An Open House made her fall in love with Oak Point
  • She likes the flexibility; she feels at ease and respected
  • Her goal is to work in an oncology unit at a local hospital

Meet Giana S. // The Importance of People in Your Healthcare Education

Hear Giana talk about:

  • She feels it’s important that teachers have one-on-one relationships with students and that those at Oak Point do
  • Her favorite part of coming to school is the people—her classmates and the professors
  • She feels Oak Point is preparing her for her career

11.06.2021 Open House // Oak Brook

Welcome to Oak Point University
Welcome to the Oak Point University Open House
Prospective nursing students
Tour of the Simulation Center
Prospective students with Oak Point tees
Prospective students in an information session
Two prospective students
Admissions ambassador and prospective student
Prospective students waiting for transcript evaluations
Tour of the Simulation Center
Tour of the Simulation Center
The Simulation Center Control Room
Tour leader with his group
Tour of the Simulation Center
Representative from library services
Oak Point key chains

11.11.2021 Open House // Chicago

Prospective student at the Chicago open house.
Talking with an instructor
Inside the Simulation Center
B96's Gabe Ramirez poses with a prospective student
Prospective student at the Chicago open house.
Learning about our BSN program
Touring the Simulation Center
Touring the Chicago campus
Talking about careers in radiography
B96's Gabe Ramirez talks financial aid
Prospective students at the Chicago open house.
Inside the Simulation Center
Talking with an Enrollment Ambassaodor

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