I Became a Nurse Because My Daugther Needed a Liver Transplant


Oak Point Director of Undergraduate Nursing Education + Student Development // Oak Point University Alum, DNP 2021 (Resurrection University chapter) // 2022 Calling All #BadassNurses Finalist

A Nurse Changed My Life

I had a daughter that was born needing a liver transplant, and I met a really cool nurse that was taking care of her. And she gave her the best care ever, and she taught me how to be more compassionate taking care of my daughter, which was my patient.

And so that led me to change my whole career path to nursing. One of my philosophies is if I can touch one person’s life, and that’s what the nurse that took care of my daughter did for me. She touched my life. Although the prognosis was very slim, her touch, and her compassion, and her caring helped me to be the nurse that I am today.

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Teaching New Nurses Is My Inspiration

I was inspired to focus my career in educating new nurses. It’s very important that I make sure that students understand the importance of empathy. Teaching taking time to be with their patients and family. What is great about being a nurse today is that you never know who you may touch and the impact that you might have on them.

My name is La Tisa, and I am a badass nurse.

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