Passing the TEAS: An Essential Guidepost in Your Career Journey

The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam helps assess the academic preparedness of prospective healthcare students.

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Dreams to Reality ... From This Point Forward

The TEAS Exam helps ensure you start school with the academic foundation you need to excel.

TEAS Admission Requirements

Setting New Students Up for Success

Prospective BSN or BSIT student? Passing the TEAS lets you know you’re academically prepared for the challenges of a degree in healthcare.

What Content Is on the TEAS?

The ATI TEAS exam is a timed, computer-based exam. Subject matter includes:

  • Reading: Key ideas and details, craft and structure, integration of knowledge and ideas
  • Math: Numbers and algebra, measurement and data
  • Science: Human anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, scientific reasoning
  • English and Language Usage: Conventions of standard English, knowledge of language, using language and vocabulary to express ideas in writing

Preparing for the TEAS


Students who have successfully completed the TEAS Exam highly recommend the ATI Study Guide. ATI offers other test prep packages that include the study guide and practice assessments.


PossibiliTEAS Exam Review Session

During this test-taking tutorial, you will:

  • Learn test-taking best practices
  • Review content areas
  • Reading, including questions on the integration of knowledge and ideas
  • Math, including measurements, numbers, and algebra
  • Science, including Human anatomy and physiology, life sciences, and scientific reasoning
  • English and language usage, including knowledge of language and vocabulary
  • Create a personal TEAS Exam action plan

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Tackling the TEAS: Practice Groups

What is Tackling the TEAS? It’s a free TEAS practice exam event! And the best part is, if you pass, it counts, and you are done, my friend. If you don’t pass, you have learned what taking the test is like IRL.

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Taking the TEAS


Oak Point University applicants receive up to two complimentary ATI TEAS exams. Contact your Enrollment Advisor for more information. If you do not yet have an enrollment advisor, please get in touch with Admissions.

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Exam Dates

Virtual and in-person are listed in the University events calendar. TEAS-specific calendars are found in the left-sidebar of many oakpoint.edu webpages.

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ADA Accommodations

To receive ADA accommodations for the TEAS exam, applicants need to provide documentation explaining their disability along with specific diagnostic codes. The documentation must also explain, in detail, the connection to the requested accommodations.

Documentation may take the form of a letter from a physician on their official letterhead, emailed directly to Mallory Martin. For testing, a physician may be a psychologist, therapist, or counselor.

For physical disabilities, such as visual impairments, only documentation from primary medical physicians will only be accepted. Individuals may also provide documentation from a previous school. This information must be given significantly in advance of the scheduled exam to allow for accommodations to be implemented.

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