Student Employment

Let Work/Study Work for You

The Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) is a financial need-based program for undergraduate and graduate students interested in working while attending school to meet some of their educational expenses. Students must be enrolled at least half-time per semester to be considered for the program. The amount the student is able to earn for the academic year depends on their financial need minus the accepted awards from their award letter. Anyone interested in a Federal Work/Study job should contact the Human Resource Office at For more information about the federal loans programs please visit

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Earn While You Learn

Our work/study program allows students to work part-time on campus while they are enrolled in a full-time academic program. Work/study programs provide students with the opportunity to gain work experience, earn money to pay for tuition and other expenses, and develop important skills in the healthcare field that will help them in their future careers.

Making the Most of FWS

Through the FWS program, students can earn money to help pay for their educational expenses, including tuition, fees, and books. The program also provides students with valuable work experience that can enhance their resumes and help them develop important skills and professional connections.

Students who participate in the FWS program typically work 10-20 hours per week during the academic year and can earn up to the amount of their FWS award. The jobs offered through the program can vary widely, ranging from office work to tutoring and community service.

Overall, the university work/study program can be a valuable resource for students who need financial assistance to pay for their education and want to gain work experience while in school.

Enhanced Career Prospects

Combining work and study can give you a competitive edge in the job market, as it shows that you have experience and skills in addition to your education.

Real-World Experience

Working while studying can provide you with real-world experience, helping you to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-life situations.

Networking Opportunities

Working while studying can provide you with valuable networking opportunities, helping you to make connections in your chosen field.

Enhanced Academic Performance

Contrary to popular belief, working while studying can actually improve your academic performance by giving you a sense of purpose and focus.

Improved Time Management

Balancing work and study forces you to manage your time more efficiently, helping you develop valuable time-management skills.

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