Transfer Credit Evaluation

Assessing Your Transfer Credits

Oak Point University is a nonprofit transfer university specializing in educating future healthcare professionals.  Our undergraduate degree programs begin at the upper-division (i.e., junior and senior ) course levels. As a result, students must complete the general education, prerequisite, and discipline-specific support courses at other institutions. Program-specific requirements are available in our University Catalog.

Using the TES

Our Transfer Evaluation System (TES) is provided as a guide to how classes at your current or former school may transfer to Oak Point University. The Registrar’s Office updates our TES frequently, and schools and courses are added to the list regularly. Courses are subject to change as catalogs are received or course descriptions change. If you have questions about a specific course, please email Admissions.

To help answer some of your transfer credit questions and determine your transfer course(s) and program applicability, please begin by viewing your school(s) in our Transfer Evaluation System.


What does it mean if my course or school does not appear?

If your course(s) or school(s) do not appear in this guide, it does not mean they do not transfer. We continuously update our system and would happily review your transcript to determine how your prior coursework transfers to Oak Point. You may request an unofficial transcript evaluation, and we will have the course evaluated, posted to TES, and send an email with the results.

Request an Unofficial Transcript Evaluation

Do you accept block transfers or will you review my transfer course by course?

Oak Point University can accept Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), and Bachelor (BA or BS) degrees from regionally accredited institutions to fulfill all general education requirements as a block transfer. If an AA, AS, BA, or BS is not earned, we cannot assume all general education requirements are met, and a course-by-course evaluation is required.

What are the criteria for a class that I have taken to transfer?

Courses must be from a regionally-accredited institution, college-level, with a final grade of “C” or higher.

What if I studied in another country? Will my credits transfer?

Transcripts from colleges and universities outside of the U.S. must be evaluated by a third-party transcript evaluation service to be reviewed for an unofficial credit evaluation.

How current is my transfer school's information in the TES?

The catalog dates for each institution reflect the latest revision date for transfer equivalencies from that school.

Helpful Hints

  • Create a list of transferrable classes by checking the box on the far right.
  • Email or export your list to Excel by clicking the “+Add/View My List” button at the top right.
  • Compare the Oak Point University credits you’ve accrued to the program-specific requirements listed in our University Catalog.

View University Catalog

General Education Core Curriculum of the Illinois Articulation Initiative

Oak Point participates in the General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) to accommodate transfer students with general education requirements. Oak Point University is a Receiving-Only member of the IAI.

Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degrees or higher are block transferred into the general education requirements. Students who have completed the GECC must also meet programmatic-specific Support Course requirements in all programs in order to be admitted to the University.

Per the IAI website: If your institution is listed as a “Receiving only” institution, you should be aware that your college or university will take a completed GECC package from any of the full participating institutions listed above. However, should you decide to transfer from your “Receiving only” institution to another institution without a completed GECC package, you will not be considered as having completed your general education requirements. It is strongly recommended that you work with your academic advisor at both your current and future institutions in the event that you decide to transfer from a “Receiving only” institution.

Prior Learning Assessment

Oak Point University gives credit to students who possess specific medical certifications. The certificates below are currently accepted for our undergraduate programs; credit is applied toward general education electives or electives within the applicant’s program of study.

The University continues to evaluate other certifications and licenses to determine if their criteria align for institutional credit. Students with a medical certification or licensure not listed below may petition for credit through their Enrollment Advisor.

Certification or Licensure Semester Hours
Bone Densitometry — ARRT 3
Breast Sonography — ARRT/ARDMS 3
Cardiac Interventional Radiography (CI) — ARRT 3
Computerized Tomography (CT) — ARRT 9
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) — ARRT/ABMRS/AMRIT 9
Mammography (M) — ARRT 5
Nuclear Medicine (NM) — ARRT 9
Radiologic Technologist (RT) — ARRT 53
Registered Professional Nurse (RN) — NCLEX/State of License 38
Sonography — ARRT/ARDMS** **
Vascular Interventional Radiography (VI) — ARRT 6
Other (List)

**Oak Point University does not currently evaluate Sonography credit

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