Brightspace (D2L)

What is D2L Brightspace?

D2L Brightspace is Oak Point’s Learning Management System that instructors use to build their courses and engage with students outside of the classroom.

New to Brightspace?

Is this your first time using Brightspace? Considering attending a workshop. We offer a variety of workshops from our general overview for beginners to the more advanced 30-minute workshops on specific tools. Register for a workshop today!


It is recommended that participants complete the Overview workshop prior to attending the 30-minute intermediate workshops specific to each tool.


This workshop offers a general overview of the fundamental features provided within Brightspace. All are welcome to attend this workshop to refresh yourself with the tools that Brightspace offers.

Duration: 1 hour

Communication Tools – Announcements, Email, & Class List

This workshop will cover how to effectively communicate within Brightspace by using announcements, email, and the class list. We will also discuss how to customize your communication settings to improve your overall experience.

Duration: 30 minutes

Assignments – Submission Folders & Grading

In this workshop you will learn how to locate and create assignments, also known as submission folders. We will practice the necessary steps for grading the submitted documents.

Duration: 30 minutes


We will cover how to create and grade online discussions. By mastering the discussions tool, you can engage your students in an enriching online environment.

Duration: 30 minutes


Learn how to create a quiz and modify the settings to fit your preferences.

Duration: 30 minutes

Content – Organize your Course

Learn how to create and organize your modules as well as how to set visibility restrictions, if desired.

Duration: 30 minutes

Brightspace Q&A Session

This is an open lab session to answer any questions you may have with Brightspace. Please keep questions general so that they may be applicable to all attendees.

Duration: 30 minutes


Copy Components from one Course to Another

Disable Automatic Release of Quiz Results

Grade your Quiz in Brightspace

How to Adjust the Final Calculated Grade

How to Grade Assignments

Link Assignments to the Gradebook

Link Discussions to the Gradebook

Set up your Exam Checklist

If you are interested in any of these services or have any questions about Brightspace, please contact Nathaly Gal, Learning Management Systems Administrator at or call 773.252.5391

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