Care and Action Team (CAT)

CAT is Oak Point University’s Care and Action Team. It is a multidisciplinary team that coordinates support for students of concern and provides behavioral intervention and resources as necessary. This team focuses on increasing coordination and communication across campus departments supporting students’ overall wellness, academic functioning, and safety.

Students of Focus may demonstrate signs of:

  • Major Life Struggles/Events
  • Financial Hardship
  • Distress

Examples may be indicated by, but are not limited to:

Abnormal Behavior
• Lack of Responsiveness
• Disappearances/Excessive Absenteeism

Disruptive Behavior (Either Victim or Perpetrator)
• Concerning/Threatening Social Media Posts
• Hate or Discriminatory Speech
• Harassment
• Physical Threats
• Relationship Violence
• Stalking

• Suicidal Thoughts
• Alcohol/Substance Abuse
• Cutting, Burning, etc.

What does CAT do?
  • Bring together necessary parties to collect information regarding potential students of concerns
  • Review and assess each individual’s circumstances to determine the most appropriate response and resources
  • Outline a detailed plan to deescalate potential crisis, eliminate or reduce threat or harm, and present appropriate resources
  • Carry out the response while considering the student’s needs and those of the greater community, if applicable
  • Monitor the situation closely throughout the extent of the concern and make adjustments as needed
  • Keep all necessary parties informed and working collaboratively for the benefit of the student


“All Oak Point University policies regarding confidentiality are strictly observed.”

What does CAT not do?
Resources offered:
Who is on the Care and Action Team?

Representatives from the following departments: 

Title IX

Eric Hernandez

Library Services

Liesl Cottrell

Student Life

Eric Hernandez


Melissa Murphey, Graduate Programs

Mary Ellen Newton, Radiography

Nancy Reese, Undergraduate Nursing

Office of the Registrar

CWS Counselors serve as general consultants on the team and adhere to state and federal laws and professional ethics standards regarding students’ confidentiality.

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