Interprofessional Education Scholars Program

Make Your Mark with IPE

IPE takes simulation learning up a notch by factoring in the teamwork environment. Oak Point’s IPE Scholars Program lets you embark on your career more confidently and with greater understanding of the healthcare arena while impressing your future employers.

What is IPE?

Interprofessional education (IPE) is integral to becoming a well-versed and safe practitioner. The World Health Organization defines IPE as an experience that “occurs when students from two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other.”

Students and faculty of the spring 2023 IPE Scholars Program

Make Connections that Can Last a Lifetime

Working alongside peers from other programs and cohorts is an excellent way to strengthen your network and grow professionally.

Specialize Even Before You Graduate

Oak Point University is proud to offer our two IPE Scholar Programs to all undergraduate nursing (BSN) and radiography (BSIT) students:

  • IPE Perioperative Scholar Program and
  • IPE Mental Health Scholar Program

IPE is comprised of learning modules that prepare students with the skills and necessary attributes to resolve complex, multi-faceted patient situations through collaborative practice that mirrors the real world.

Specialized knowledge, up to two credit hours (which are included in your tuition), and an IPE Scholar Microcredential demonstrate to future employers your understanding of a specialty area and your competency in interprofessional education.

  • BSIT students complete online self-paced modules and a simulation.
  • BSN students complete online self-paced modules, a simulation, and a two-credit specialty elective.

IPE Program Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to IPE
  • Module 2: Values and Ethics
  • Module 3: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Module 4: Communication
  • Module 5: Teams and Teamwork
  • Module 6: Simulation/Two-Credit Specialty Elective*

*Two-credit specialty elective is for BSN
students only.

Showcase Your Real-World Learning

IPE scholars pin
Recognition of Your Achievement at Commencement

You’ll get an IPE Scholar pin and recognition in the program on graduation day.

Documented and Virtual Bragging Rights

Upon graduation, your transcript will document your participation, and you can showcase your Credly IPE Scholar microcredential on LinkedIn and other platforms.

Resume and Interview Worthy Talking Points

Healthcare settings work cross-functionally; impress potential employers by highlighting your experiences in the program.

From This Point Forward, You Own Your Future