Oak Point New Name FAQs for Faculty and Staff

Why are we changing our name?

We are innovative, but we are definitely not new at this. It’s something that’s intentionally been built into our DNA since day one. We know that there is still always more progress to be made — for both this institution and the range of diverse students we serve – and we are the place that is best positioned to make it happen.

We’re taking a big step forward and becoming an independent university. Changing our name was a requirement of becoming an independent University, but is more importantly a signal to our community that we’re doing something new and different.  

From this point forward, we’re seeing further into the future. We’re redefining what a university can be and should be. In a way, we’re continuing to do what we’ve always done. But with a new name, an additional location, and a broader educational focus, were taking bigger, bolder steps than ever before.

Why Oak Point University?

We believe the name Oak Point University better describes the institution we are and where we are headed. Oak represents strength and sustainability and is also a nod to the new Oak Brook campus. Point shows both forward momentum and also a geographic tie. The name shows us as the established, higher ed institution we are without feeling without being pretentious.

What does our logo look like?

Our new logo pays respect to our history and looks forward in a simplified, modern way. A sweeping oak leaf meets the O letter form to celebrate the idea that coming together creates something more complete.

What does our seal look like?

Tell me about Oak Brook campus.

We have opened a new campus — Oak Brook — where we created new simulation spaces, where students can get real experience. We are developing new programs, to give the next generation for professionals the credentials they’ll need for career success. We are shaping a new plan, to take you into the days ahead and years beyond. The future of healthcare didn’t have a home, so we built one.

This new facility provides additional student areas, new labs and simulation spaces, and adaptable learning environments throughout that mirror the same state-of-the-art technology found on our Chicago campus. Through this expansion, Oak Point is creating more opportunities for our students, and making a larger impact in the field of healthcare and in the communities we serve.

The new facility opened in May 2021 at 2122 York Road, Oak Brook, IL.

Will my email address change?

Your ResU e-mail address will change to Firstname.Lastname@oakpoint.edu but for the near future, any messages sent to your resu.edu address will be included in your oakpoint.edu email messages.

Will the website change?

The website will change on June 30 to reflect the new Oak Point University brand. Content has not changed, just the look. There will be a brand-new website coming in the new year.

How are we communicating the change to alumni and donors?

Alumni, donors, vendors, and clinical partners will be receiving a letter or email with the change in the name this week.

Will I be able to choose which building I want to work in?

We are changing the way we operate with our new structure for our business units to meet the needs of our students and embrace the university’s strategic vision. As we do this, leaders across the university are working now to identify appropriate work sites for their teams.

Do we get new ID badges?

New ID badges for everyone are coming in the near future. In the meantime, your current ResU ID badge will work on both campuses.

I am a full time faculty member, will I need to purchase a new lab coat?

No. The University will replace lab coats for full-time faculty sometime during the Fall Term.

Does this change impact paychecks and benefits?

Employee paychecks and benefits will still be from Resurrection University. We have kept the umbrella corporate name as Resurrection University. In technical terms, we have registered an assumed name of Oak Point University to utilize for our educational offerings.

Important updates regarding the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).