Oak Point New Name FAQs for Students

Why are we changing our name?

We are innovative, but we are definitely not new at this. It’s something that’s intentionally been built into our DNA since day one. We know that there is still always more progress to be made — for both this institution and the range of diverse students we serve – and we are the place that is best positioned to make it happen.

From this point forward, we’re seeing further into the future. We’re redefining what a university can be and should be. In a way, we’re continuing to do what we’ve always done. But with a new name, an additional location, and a broader educational focus, were taking bigger, bolder steps than ever before.

Why Oak Point University?

We believe the name Oak Point University better describes the institution we are and where we are headed. Oak represents strength and sustainability. Point shows both forward momentum and also a geographic tie. The name shows us as the established, higher ed institution we are without feeling without being pretentious.

Did you know that this is not the first time we changed our name?

In fact, a recent study found that more than 530 of the approximately 3,000 mainstream colleges and universities have at least tinkered with their names since 1996. So Oak Point is not alone. Here is the entire list of name changes our University has gone through.

  • 1914 – 1946 – West Suburban Hospital School for Nurses
  • 1953 – 1985 – West Suburban Hospital School of Nursing
  • 1985 – 2003 – Concordia-West Suburban College of Nursing
  • 2003 – 2010 – West Suburban College of Nursing
  • 2010 – 2021 – Resurrection University
  • 2021 – Oak Point University

Side notes:

  • 1946 – 1980 West Suburban Hospital School for Nurses and the Wheaton program (the affiliation with Wheaton ended in the early 1980s)
  • 1985 – West Suburban Hospital School of Nursing – 1985 the institution entered into another affiliation, this time with Concordia College (now Concordia University Chicago)

Just wondering what necessitated the name change? Is there still a Resurrection University?

Just like West Sub, we will still have the Resurrection University name as a listing as part of our history. The thought behind a new name was to make acknowledgement to our history and where we are now as well as where we are going. The Oak represents strength and sustainability. And also a nod to Oak Park from our West Sub days. And the Point shows both forward thinking and where we are going in the future. Since we were expanding to another location and additional programs in the future, it was the right timing to make this change.

What does our logo look like?

Our new logo pays respect to our history and looks forward in a simplified, modern way. A sweeping oak leaf meets the O letter form to celebrate the idea that coming together creates something more complete.

Where can I find out more information about our name change and other questions?

When we made the change to Oak Point University, we anticipated a few questions but we are eager to answer any other questions. For now, please visit:


Tell me about Oak Brook campus.

We have opened a new campus — Oak Brook — where we created new simulation spaces, where students can get real experience. We are developing new programs, to give the next generation for professionals the credentials they’ll need for career success. We are shaping a new plan, to take you into the days ahead and years beyond. The future of healthcare didn’t have a home, so we built one.

This new facility provides additional student areas, new labs and simulation spaces, and adaptable learning environments throughout that mirror the same state-of-the-art technology found on our Chicago campus. Through this expansion, Oak Point is creating more opportunities for our students, and making a larger impact in the field of healthcare and in the communities we serve.

The new facility opened in May 2021 at 2122 York Road, Oak Brook, IL.

What are the hours of operation of the Oak Brook campus?

The new Oak Brook campus building (including the Student Resource Center) will be OPEN and accessible to students:

•             Monday through Friday: 7am to 8pm

•             Saturday: 8am to 5pm

What is your new mailing address ?

Oak Point University, formerly Resurrection University, PO Box 4988, Oak Brook, IL 60522-4988

Did the name change impact our relationship with our clinical partners?

To ensure quality relationships we shared our growth and expansion plans with many of our partners over this past year, keeping them apprised of our strategic plan.  This week we shared our new name along with our new brand look, we have received many positive responses.

Following is an example of a response from one of the AMITA Health leaders:

Congratulations!   So exciting.  We are thrilled to work with you in this newly branded and excellent program.



Regional Chief Nursing Officer

Out of curiosity, does Oak Point University have any lingering connection or leadership at AMITA or are they completely out of the system now?

Thanks for reaching out. We continue to have leadership involvement with AMITA as the majority of our students do their clinicals in AMITA sites. And while we are expanding to another location in Oak Brook, our main campus continues to be at AMITA St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Oak point/ResU celebrates a very robust partnership with the AMITA Health system.  In addition to placing 60 plus percent of our nursing students for clinical experience within the AMITA Health system, we are also developing several additional education programs to support their ongoing need for education for their healthcare workforce.  We foresee a long term healthy and sustainable partnership with AMITA

Will I have to buy new scrubs?

Continuing students will not be required to buy new scrubs. New students starting in Fall 2021 and beyond will be required to buy new scrubs. New ID badges for everyone are coming in the near future. In the meantime, your current ResU ID badge works on both campuses.

What name do I use in my licensure applications? Resurrection or Oak Point University?

In the short term, for the next year, you can still use Resurrection University as that is still attached to Oak Point University. After that, Oak Point University should be used.

What will my diploma say?

Diplomas for current students who will graduate in August, 2021 and December, 2021 will reflect Resurrection University. After the December graduation, all diplomas will reflect Oak Point University

When I apply for jobs, do I use Oak Point University or Resurrection University?

Students can use either in the near future but eventually, Oak Point University will be the name recognized by employers.

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