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As the healthcare sector struggles with its most recent existential threat: the recruitment and retention of essential healthcare professionals, such as medical assistants (MAs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and medical laboratory scientists IMLSs), the crisis has far-reaching consequences, including increased workloads for existing staff, compromised patient care, and the growing need for more effective recruitment strategies.

A primary factor contributing to the current hiring crisis is that our aging population, coupled with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, has placed immense pressure on the healthcare system. As a result, hospitals are struggling to meet this demand with a limited workforce, intensifying the competition for qualified healthcare professionals.

The lack of adequate training programs exacerbates the hiring issue. Due to the rising demand for healthcare services, there is a pressing need for more training programs and better access to education for those interested in entering the field. The cost and time commitment required for pursuing relevant certifications can be prohibitive for many aspiring healthcare workers and many aspiring MAs and CNAs are deterred by the high costs of training, which often come without any guarantee of employment.

Remedying the situation won’t happen overnight, but with Oak Point’s Partner Solutions—and our Hire-Develop-Deploy-Upskill model—we work with our partners to strengthen the core of the hospital workforce at the emerging talent level to accelerate opportunities for the organization, its current and prospective employees, and the community.

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Our Strategic Model

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01 Hire // By Institution*

You know your culture, scheduling needs, and strategic objectives. As a partner, you recruit people with the potential and desire for a new career with unlimited growth potential. Partners offer full-time pay, benefits, and free tuition and materials. Talk about fast-track filling your vacancies. Get ready to onboard, and we’ll get ready to educate.**

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02 Develop // By Oak Point

With our extensive curriculum in accelerated programs, we are ready to help you fill your vacancies. We realize that sometimes this presents as many challenges as it solves. Talk to us about how we can help.

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03 Deploy // Both Partners

Program time is divided into class time and time at partner sites where learners are job shadowing, putting learning into practice, and gaining critical insights into job function and role. The division of class time to site time depends on the program and partner requirements.

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04 Upskill // By Oak Point

Boot camps as determined by institutions for skill gaps at any career stage to foster professional growth, engagement, and morale and increase competence that impacts patient services.

*Need help recruiting? We may be able to assist you.
**We highly recommend full-time pay. Some partners pay only part-time when learners are on-site.

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Whether it’s a Career Accelerator Program, continuing education pathway, or getting your undergraduate degree, we are here to help. The program links above guide you to information about the individual programs and which institutions are hiring.

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