Upcoming Visits

  • Be sure to check back in January 2017 for Scotty’s campus visits during Term C!

Hi, my name is Scotty. I’m an eight year-old Golden Retriever and Oak Point’s new resident therapy dog. When I’m not busy playing with my human siblings or retrieving things, I like to hang out with anyone who wants to pet me.  People seem to like petting me, and they always seem to feel better  when they do, so why not? My mom (Professor Muglia) and I like to visit people who are sick, or in the hospital, or who are even just a little stressed out. And because we know that Oak Point students are always so busy studying and going to class and learning how to be amazing healthcare professionals, we figured they wouldn’t mind if we visited from time to time. You’ll be seeing me around campus so make sure you say “hi!” Oh, and don’t forget to pet me!



Age: 8 years old

Birthday: May 3, 2008

City: Arlington Heights, Il

Siblings: I have 3 human siblings. I love them more than anything in the world!

Favorite Food: Lou Malnati’s Pizza

Best Tricks: Catching fish in my mouth. Yes, live, flopping fish out of a bucket. I’m also really good at swimming and retrieving. And playing hide and seek. I can find even the quietest of children!

Favorite Activities: I love to go running with my mom, swimming in the lake in Wisconsin, and love sleeping with my mom and dad and hogging the big down comforter.




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