Oak Point Academic Integrity Expectations

As stated in the University Catalog, Oak Point expects academic integrity in all circumstances. Any violation of the University’s policies may lead to a failing grade on the assignment or assessment during which the policies are violated and may also extend to a failing grade in the course or unit and result in dismissal from the University.

Activities which violate these policies include, among other things:

  • Any unauthorized collaboration;
  • Any unauthorized communication;
  • Any unauthorized access to exam questions, answers, or study material;
  • Any unauthorized use of electronic devices to access any resources, pictures, visual media, or audio; and
  • Any concealment of unauthorized items or material.

Additionally, on the day of exams, Oak Point expects, among other things, that students:

  • DO bring their IDs
  • DO NOT wear hoodies, large jackets, or other baggy and concealing clothing
  • DO NOT bring food or drink
  • DO enter in an orderly fashion and sit evenly spaced, or follow proctor assignments about seating
  • DO NOT have cell phones or other small electronic devices, including smartwatches, on your person. If you bring a cell phone or other small electronic device to the exam, you will be asked to silence the device and directed by the proctor where to store the device upon entering the room.  If a calculator is permitted on an exam, one will be provided to you.
  • ALWAYS comply with all other proctor instructions

Students are required to contact the department of Student Services prior to an exam regarding any need for medical, religious, or other necessary accommodations as it relates to testing.

Important updates regarding the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).