Academic Support Services

Comprehensive Support to Offer You a Great Academic Experience

To better provide comprehensive academic support services to Oak Point University students, we created the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). The ACE is designed to help undergraduate and graduate students accomplish their academic goals by providing them with the one-on-one support they need.

The ACE assists students with a variety of skills including time management, organizational strategies, effective note taking, and exam preparation. Students also learn how to use their preferred learning style to their advantage in a university setting. The ACE instructors deliver support in a variety of formats including workshops, courses, individual consultations, and by providing online educational materials.


Tutoring Services

The ACE Tutoring Services are offered free of charge.

Tutoring services are available to enrolled students who are looking for additional help with course material as well as organizational and time management skills. Customized reviews are offered to support each individual student for success on exams.

Tutoring sessions are one-on-one and available via email, over the phone, or in person.


How can the ACE help you?

Contact one of our specialists and see for yourself.

Math/Science Specialist

Bonnie Stesin

Director of Student Life

Eric Hernandez

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