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Oak Point University offers unique resources to help students meet the unique challenges of graduate school

At Oak Point, our goal is to help you enjoy a successful academic experience. We realize that graduate school presents unique challenges inside – and outside – of the classroom. That’s why we’ve developed helpful information and resources that have been specifically designed for our graduate students.

Preparing for Residencies:

The MSN Residency Guide provides all of the information you will need to successfully complete each residency requirement.

Around the middle of each semester, you need to turn in the Application for Residency for the next semester. This means the Application for Residency must be reviewed at an appointment with your clinical placement coordinator by the first Monday in April for summer residency, the first Monday in July for fall residency, or the first Monday in November for spring residency.

Once your application has been approved, you must then approach the person you would like as a preceptor and get his or her signature on the Interagency Agreement for Residency, as well as the signature of an appropriate representative of the agency. Be sure that your preceptor has a copy of the responsibilities of a preceptor! Get that packet to the College so that a contract can be negotiated. You will receive notice when a contract has been signed.

Before each semester, you must also make sure that your health information is up to date, as outlined in Health and Safety Compliance.

During Residencies:

Review the information related to Performance Expectations. Make sure that you know how to keep a Residency Time Log (see below) and how to write a Residency Experience Summary. After all, you want to get credit for the hours you spend with your preceptor!

Residency Resources

Residency Time Log

Clinical Nurse Leader

Family Nurse Practitioner

Adult Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Educator

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Nurse Administrator

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