Transfer Credit and Articulation

Oak Point University offers educational programs beginning at the upper division course level. As a result, students must complete the general education, pre-requisite and discipline specific support courses at another institution. These courses are transferred into the degree program of choice (Academic Catalog pages 11-12).

Oak Point has established its general education requirements to ensure students have a strong educational foundation, grounded in the liberal arts, that supports student success. Specific units in communications, mathematics, physical and life sciences, humanities and fine arts, behavioral and social sciences, and general electives serve the purpose of ensuring students develop strong communication abilities in a diverse society, build critial thinking and problem solving skills, achieve a solid foundation for the science-based professional healthcare programs at Oak Point, and embrace lifelong learning.

The Oak Point Transfer Guides provide unofficial guides for students who plan to transfer to Oak Point University and are designed to help students determine which of their credits may transfer to Oak Point and which course options available to satisfy a requirement.

Transferology by College Source is a network designed to help students explore their college transfer options. This may save students time and money by providing a quick, intuitive way of getting their college transfer credit questions answered.