Oak Brook Expansion Updates

Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021 — As announced in October, 2020, Oak Point University is expanding to a second location in Oak Brook. The current Wicker Park campus will remain open and operational. Lecture courses will be offered online and in hybrid formats at both the Wicker Park campus and Oak Brook campus, and labs and simulations may be offered at either location. Clinical opportunities will remain within a 50-mile radius of the Wicker Park campus.

More exciting changes are on the way:

  • We have always been an independent, forward thinking university—and soon, we will be announcing a new name for our institution to reflect this new identity.
  • We are renewing our commitment to educating the new traditional student: the lifelong learners who will bring innovative thinking and new approaches to the populations and communities where they’ll live, work and thrive.
  • And we are expanding our reach, enhancing our programs and facilities, and developing new offerings as we work to create a better experience for our students, and a healthier tomorrow for everyone.

Oak Point University Announces Second Location in Oak Brook

Friday, Oct. 2, 2020 — For over 100 years, Oak Point University has prepared generations of health professionals to serve the needs of communities everywhere. And now, we’re pleased to announce that we’re continuing this legacy by expanding our reach and extending our premier, values-based education to the next generation of practitioners and leaders in healthcare.

With the opening of our second location – a new facility in Oak Brook – we’ll continue to offer our students every advantage they’ll need to succeed. This new facility will provide additional student areas, new labs and simulation spaces, and adaptable learning environments throughout that mirror the same state-of-the-art technology found on our Chicago campus. For students living near the communities surrounding Oak Brook, this second location will offer even more flexible options to adapt to their busy schedules.

Through this expansion, Oak Point University is creating more opportunities for our students, and making a larger impact in the field of healthcare and in the communities we serve.

The new facility opens May 2021 at 2122 York Road, Oak Brook, IL.

Campus Renderings

(All renderings are strictly conceptual and subject to change).

Additional Location FAQs

Why is Oak Point University expanding to a new location?

Our Wicker Park campus is bursting at the seams, and, in order to deliver state-of-the-art healthcare education, we must expand our footprint. The university has experienced unprecedented growth since its move to Chicago in 2012. The demand for the university’s programs continues, and the new location will allow Oak Point to meet the current and future needs of the students desiring excellent health science programs.

At which location will I need to attend classes? Will I need to attend classes on both campuses?

The Oak Brook location will be opening in May 2021. Students will have a choice in the location of their coursework. Because students are able to self-select their courses, when class registration opens in 2021, students can view the location at which each class is taught. Therefore, students may self-select courses based on where they are offered.

If I’m a newly accepted or prospective student, do I have the option to continue my studies at the current Oak Point location?

Your Admissions Counselor will be discussing your preferences for location of courses. Keep in mind that in-classroom instruction comprises only 2-3 days of your weekly learning at Oak Point. Students taking clinically-based courses are expected to attend clinical locations up to 50 miles from the Oak Point campuses.

Will the Oak Brook campus be easily accessible by public transportation?

The campus is accessible via the CTA system. Students can take the Blue Line to Forest Park and transfer to a PACE bus, which makes a stop at the 2122 York Road Oak Brook location.

Nearby accessible Metra locations include Elmhurst and Hinsdale. Shuttle options from these Metra stations to the Oak Brook campus are being evaluated.

Students will be surveyed to gauge interest in shuttle and transit services.

What amenities will be available to students at Oak Brook that are not available in Chicago?

University services will largely remain the same for both campuses. However, many services are accessed virtually, and will not be location dependent. Both campuses offer restaurant, shopping and workout options within walking distance, or only a short drive from either campus.

Oak Point is currently located within St. Elizabeth’s hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital is also close by. Will the new campus have the same atmosphere of a health sciences university? Are there nearby facilities, like hospitals and clinics, as can be found on the current campus?

Students are usually on campus for 2-3 days a week, and in clinical settings the remainder of the week. Clinical experiences occur within a 50 mile radius of campus. This will not change. Furthermore, the atmosphere at the new location will be conducive to health science studies.

Will the new location change the clinical offerings the university currently has? Will we still have access to clinical sites in Chicago?

The University is always pursuing new clinical opportunities to augment its current offerings. We will expand these opportunities, and Chicago will always provide a large portion of the opportunities offered.

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