La Tisa Foscett-Gonzalez, DNP 2021

She touched my life. Although the prognosis was very slim, her touch, and her compassion, and her caring helped me to be the nurse that I am today.

Diane Cable, RN

Alum Diane Cable

I take a lot of medical and surgical teams to countries like Sierra Leone, Tanzania; we’re getting ready to take a team to Ghana this spring.

Cesar Huerta, MSHI, BSN, RN

Alum Cesar Huerta

“… a mammogram can save somebody’s life, … a colonoscopy can save somebody’s life. One simple visit a year can make a difference.”

Vanessa Pryzbyla, MSN-FNP 2014, BSN 2008

BSN and Family Nurse Practitioner alum Vanessa Pryzbyla

I think what surprised me most about being a nurse was how quickly you bond with the patient, and you are so dedicated and interested in their story and how it turns out, and you just become this huge advocate.

Ashley Tomasewski, BSN 2021

Alum Ashley Tomasewski

What led Ashley to Nursing? I wanted to become a nurse because when I was 16 or 17, my nephew was born; he was very ill.

Ashley Tomasewki // Oncology Nurse

2021 Alum, 2022 Calling All #BadassNurses Finalist, Future Educator This is a caption for the photo above. You may or mau not use it, but it’s here if you need [...]
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